This website is intended to provide you with basic information to assist you in determining if your case and your interests are best served by seeking the legal services of Tomas Ramirez III.

The practice of law is unusual in the sense that the job never becomes routine.  Each case has its own nuances, and each client has his/her particular circumstances that require thought and preparation.  For this reason, Mr. Ramirez handles each matter personally and takes the time to discuss the different aspects of the case with the client, making certain (and taking the time) to answer any questions which may arise.  Clients receive an honest, no-nonsense assessment of their case.  Once the options are presented and discussed, the client can then make an informed decision about the matter.  By working together, client and attorney, the individual needs of the client can best be achieved.

The tabs above indicate the different areas of practice that Mr. Ramirez undertakes, including Oil and Gas Litigation, Personal Injury Law, Special Education Law, Family Law, and Criminal Law.  Explore this website further to learn more about the area of law that best suits your case, or simply take a moment to learn more about Mr. Ramirez.

You may contact Mr. Ramirez by e-mail


You may contact Mr. Ramirez by e-mail at tommy@tramirezlaw.com. However, if you have been served with legal documents, have a case that is already pending, have a court date already scheduled, or if you are under any sort of time constraints whatsoever, please contact an attorney directly, either in person or through the telephone.  This e-mail service is intended only to be used for informal types of communications and should not be relied upon to send urgent or time-sensitive messages.



By working together, client and attorney, the individual needs of the client can best be achieved.


This web site is not intended to provide any type of legal advice.  It is meant merely as a tool to better acquaint the client, or any person interested, with the services provided by Tomas Ramirez III.  In order to get any legal advice, it is absolutely necessary to personally consult with an attorney about the specifics of your situation