personal_injuryPhysical injuries can deeply affect many areas of our lives including our ability to continue working.  These injuries can result from many different areas, such as collisions with 18 wheelers or other vehicles, bad drugs, defective products, or from the negligence of others.  The law cannot undo the injuries suffered, but it can seek to hold responsible the company or person who caused the injury.  These cases come in many different forms and can require a lot of paperwork as well as expert testimony.

You may be entitled to compensation for the injuries suffered.  Every case is different and a good lawyer can be very helpful in these situations.

Mr. Ramirez has worked in this field extensively since the time he began practicing law, and is intimately familiar with this area.  Whether you are the victim of a defective product or bad drug, the wrongful death of someone dear to you, or were simply part of a harmless car accident, Mr. Ramirez can help.

Call Mr. Ramirez to discuss the specific facts about your case.  There is no charge for the initial consultation.